Le Français Juniper wood scales

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The delightful peppery smell of Juniper wood combines with some very useful properties: its perfume will infuse your textiles and repel insects.

Folding knife with liner-lock, screw-mounted.
Straightening, assembly, shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening all handcrafted in our Thiers workshop.
Lifetime guarantee.

Dimensions: 199 mm x 17 mm x 12 mm
Assembly on beryllium copper washers.

Blade length: 90 mm
width: 17 mm
thickness: 2.45 mm
steel 19C27 (Sandvik)
Cryogenic treatment
Rockwell hardness: 57 HRC
Slow-ground and polished using traditional techniques with scoured buffalo leather.

HANDLE: Juniper wood
Mounted on hexagon socket screws (stainless steel).
Juniper (Juniperus), a member of the Cupressaceae family, counts some sixty or so species of tree or bush, all native to the northern hemisphere. Its wood varies in color from pink to reddish-brown. This plant was a favorite of the Greeks and Romans who used cade oil, obtained by heating juniper wood, for washing deceased people. In addition to its decorative and functional qualities, juniper is also used in perfumes for its woody aroma. Note that this tree was already used as an ingredient in creams and perfumes in Ancient Egypt! 
There is a legend that eating a single juniper berry every day will ward off illness.
Inspired by a 17th century knife design, Perceval has taken the core features from the original design and adapted them to suit your needs. Thus, the "Le Français" model faithfully reflects the French lifestyle, combining practicality with elegance. The ideal companion in everyday life, equally essential both in town and country, with this knife, you will get as much pleasure out of slicing a dried sausage as cutting into a juicy Rossini tournedos steak.


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