• The Perceval knife
    The Perceval knife

    The Perceval knife is much more than an accessory. It is your daily companion. 

  • The table knife
    The table knife

    The Perceval table knife respects the food and the work of the cook with a clean cut.

  • The folding knife
    The folding knife

    The Perceval folding knife is above all a jewel with an impeccable cutting edge. 

  • The kitchen knife
    The kitchen knife

    The Perceval kitchen knife is your ally to excel behind the stove. 

Fine cutler workshop

Exceptional Perceval knives

Atelier Perceval creates and sells luxury kitchen knives, upscale table knives as well as high-end pocket knives. Located in Thiers, the world-famous city for knives, our products are realized following a genuine know-how in the pure cutler tradition. 

our selection of knives

Discover the world of Atelier Perceval, combining authenticity and luxury

Artisanat d'exception
Material inspiration

The shaping of noble materials is a real trademark for the Atelier Perceval. The choice has been made to leave the largest possible surface for expression to the natural material, which is why the handle is entirely carved from the mass.


All knife materials

The French know-how

Perceval - Thiers, France

The Atelier Perceval manufactures and markets top-of-the-range kitchen knives, table knives and pocket knives. Based in Thiers, the historic capital of French cutlery, our knives are part of the know-how of this cutlery tradition.

This "Made in France" quality craft production is approved by the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and Ateliers d'Art de France labels.

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