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A character

Yves Charles 

"You're only as good as your own efforts!

In 2005, to fill a gap, Yves Charles, a starred chef in Paris, went to Thiers with the aim of developing a hitherto unseen cutting object for his restaurant: a table knife that would have the qualities of the famous Perceval "fermant" that he had in his pocket. A unique "Frenchman", cut from the best steel.

For the most renowned cutlers, the table knife is always the poor relation of the range; it is made in series of six, with less precise hardening materials and often remains impersonal.

Yves Charles wants the best for his table and is shaking up tradition. A second visit to Atelier Perceval strengthens his objectives and on the third, not inclined to half measures, the ex-client takes over the management of the company created in 1996 by Eric Perceval.

Photo credit: Julien Mignot