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The chef knife is used for everthing in a kitchen: slicing vetegables, chop or cut pieces of meat or fish.

This chef knife benefits from a sharp and long-lasting blade. You need to sharpen your edge regularly with an ovoid sharpening steel with thin streaking. 

Your chef knife is not dishwasher safe. We recommend you to rince your knife with warm water before wiping it immediately. 

100% made in France

Stainless steel: 1.4116
Blade treatment: individual air hardening
Rockewell hardness: 58 HRC

Paperstone, composed of 100% recycled paper and petroleum free resin

Stainless steel rivets 

Always concerned with developing quality products with a timeless design, Atelier Perceval has developed a range of high quality knives combining a semi-stainless steel blade and a solid paperstone handle. Paperstone, made of 100% recycled paper and resin without petroleum products, resists UV and high temperatures to offer an exceptional durability. 

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