Table knives

Care instructions

Precautions :
- Perceval table knives are not dishwasher safe.
Dishwashing exposes the cutting edge of the knives to "metal against metal" shocks which considerably reduces their cutting power.
In addition, detergents (lyes, salts, rinsing liquids, etc.) create chemical reactions with the metal of the blades, which would damage them.
The natural materials of the handles are all sensitive to water. If exposed, they should be wiped dry quickly.

Care instructions :
- Table knives can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge (without a scraper). Never use abrasive pads, which create deep scratches and roughen the blade. Rinsing with lukewarm water before wiping and careful storage will ensure a long life for your knives.
- Table knives are sharpened with a sharpening steel. The use of a grinder or grinder's wheel is not recommended for non-professionals.

Do not hesitate to watch our video on Youtube to know how to sharpen your knife with a sharpening steel