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Special Price: 244.00 € Regular Price: 250.00 €

Folding knife with linerlock. Handle in Ram horn.
Adjustment, assembly, shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening are carried out in our workshop in Thiers.

Not dishwasher proof. 
Our knives are guaranteed for life.
Non-contractual photo, every knife is unique.

Folding knife with liner-lock, screw-mounted. 
Straightening, assembly, shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening are all handcrafted in our Thiers workshop.

Dimensions: 205 mm x 21 mm x 10 mm
Assembled with beryllium copper washers

lenght : 95 mm
width : 20 mm
thickness : 2,45 mm
steel :14C28N (Sandvik)
cryogenic processing
Hardness Rockwell : 59 HRC
Slow grinding and traditional polishing with emery-covered buffalo leather.

Handle: Blonde Ram horn
Assembled with pan head screws (stainless steel).

The ram, of the species Ovis aries (Ovis gmelini laristanica), also known as the wild Asian sheep, is found throughout eastern Iran, central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and western India. In most ancient civilizations, this animal represented the very incarnation of strength and nature. 
Its spiral-shaped horns have a very high symbolic value and are found adorning helmets, battering rams, on the prows of certain boats and on buildings. 
Ram's horn is mainly sourced in Iran. It comes in many colors and shades. 


Supplied with a full-grain leather sheath.

The "L-08" model brings to mind the rounded, voluptuous forms of 1950s automobiles. This modern tool, a city version of the folding knife, will amaze you with its ergonomic shape and clean cutting power. The sleek and elegant "L-08 Damascus" is designed specially to appeal to distinguished men and women.

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