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Previous product Le Français Damacus blade - Sambar deer antler handle

Special Price: 520.00 € Regular Price: 530.00 €

Perceval uses the very latest, cutting-edge metallurgy technology for its Damascus blades. The steel is laminated using powder technology. This crystalline-scale sintering method preserves the fine-grained texture and makes the alloy highly resistant to corrosion.
On the Le Français model, the Damascus derives from twisted bars that, after grinding, reveal the fine wavy lines and star shapes that characterize the "Twist" motif. 

The handle is made of Deer antler. The treatment of deer antler gives a semi-shaped appearance, allowing this material, inherited from the 18th century tradition, to retain its baroque appearance after polishing.

Not dishwasher proof. 
Our knives are guaranteed for life.
Non-contractual photo, every knife is unique.

Folding knife with liner-lock, screw-mounted. 
Straightening, assembly, shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening are all handcrafted in our Thiers workshop.

Dimensions: 199 mm x 17 mm x 12 mm
Assembled with beryllium copper washers

Blade length: 90 mm
width: 17 mm
thickness: 2.45 mm
steel stainless Damascus twisted type (powder metallurgy)
air quenching
Rockwell hardness: 57 HRC Slow-ground and polished using traditional techniques with scoured buffalo leather.

Handle: Deer antler
Assembled with pan head screws (stainless steel).

Antler is a bony organ of the representatives of the deer family. Our wood comes from the Sambar species (Cervus unicolor or Rusa unicolor) which lives in the dense forests of the mainland and islands of South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Indonesia). Deer antler is very hard, thick, pearly, without porosity and contains at most 4 horns or antlers (branches of antlers).


Supplied with a full-grain leather sheath.

Inspired by a 17th century knife design, Perceval has taken the core features from the original design and adapted them to suit your needs. Thus, the "Le Français" Damascus model faithfully reflects the French lifestyle, combining practicality with jewel-like elegance. With this knife, you will get as much pleasure out of slicing a dried sausage as cutting into a juicy Rossini tournedos steak.

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