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This piece have been produced from a piece of stainless damascus issued from powder compacting technology which led to an exceptional quality edgeand the esthetic of laminated steel.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that while the value of gold can be estimated, jade is priceless; this effectively reflects the importance given to jade in Chinese civilization. Oriental symbolism gives this as being a stone associated with the Emperor, epitomizing fortune and power. Jade was also considered as a sacred talisman that sovereigns used to communicate with the gods. A symbol of wisdom, harmony and peace, jade has long been appreciated for its beauty and its character as a traditional charm.   It is even said that Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher, compared the smoothness of jade to goodwill, its hardness to an upright character, the diversity of its colors to an enquiring mind and its translucid nature to faithfulness. We use jade (of the nephritic type, still known as polar jade) sourced in the Polar mine in British Colombia in Canada. The crystals of this variety of jade are so closely intertwined that they give the jewel the necessary strength for use in making knives.

Folding knife with liner-lock, screw-mounted.
Straightening, assembly, shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening all handcrafted in our Thiers workshop.
Lifetime guarantee. 

Dimensions: 199 mm x 17 mm x 12 mm
Assembly on beryllium copper washers

Blade length: 90 mm
width 17 mm
thickness 2.45 mm
steel stainless Damascus twisted type
(powder metallurgy)
Air quenching
Rockwell hardness: 56 HRC
Slow-ground and polished using traditional techniques with scoured buffalo leather.

Mounted on hexagon socket screws (stainless steel)

Prestige "Le Français" folding knife range


- Perceval pocket knives are not dishwasher safe nor washing machine safe (oversight in pockets!)

Care instructions:

- After use, humidify the blade, wipe it and fold it up.
- In case of water contact, quickly wipe the handle.
- A regular sharpening with a sharpening steel or a hone allows to keep the original edge.
- You receive a sleeve with each Perceval pocket knife. It protects the knife from impacts and frictions.

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