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General Terms and Conditions


Atelier Perceval

20 avenue des Etats-Unis

63300 THIERS


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Atelier Perceval creates and sells luxury kitchen knives, upscale table knives as well as high-end pocket knives. Located in Thiers, the world-famous city for knives, our products are realized following a genuine know-how in the pure cutler tradition. 


These General Terms and Conditions govern the contract relations between the company "L'Atelier Perceval" and the Buyer defined as being the user of website. These General Terms and Conditions are themselves governed by the French Law. The application of the United Nations Convention on contracts for the International Sales of Goods is expressly excluded. These General Terms and Conditions apply to non merchant natural person of full legal age (18). 


Orders placed on website commit the buyer as soon as our customer service department receives the order and the related payment. For payments by Paypal or bank transfer, orders placed on the website commit the buyer as soon as our customer service department receives the order. All orders commit the buyer to accept the entire General Terms and Conditions of this current contract without any restriction.


  1. Our product prices are given all taxes (VAT) included except for shipping fees. All orders must be paid in Euros. For countries outside the European Union prices are given excluding taxes. Customs duties and value added taxes may apply in the countries where the products are imported. These taxes must be paid directly to the carrier at the time of delivery. No returns will be accepted in the event of a failure to pay the relevant customs duties. Atelier Perceval can change its prices at any time.
  2. The products will remain the property of Atelier Perceval until these products have been fully paid. Atelier Perceval can cancel any order placed after a labeling error and involving invoicing the item sold at a price unrelated to the real value of this object.


  1. By clicking on the "Confirm" button after processing your order the buyer declares having read, understood and fully and unreservedly approved these General Terms and Conditions. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by Atelier Perceval on website constitute proof of all transactions made.
  2. The buyer is responsible for updating his/her own information. He/she can amend all information by connecting to his/her account. To access his/her profile, the buyer can login with a login name and password given while creating the profile. This information is strictly confidential. This information can’t be disclosed. Otherwise he/she is the only responsible person of the use. In case of non-respect of these Terms and Conditions/and usage website can suspend - even close - the account after addressing a formal notice by email to the buyer. All account suspension, for any reason given, causes a removal of all personal information.


You can cancel or change your order by phone to Atelier Perceval at any time, if the payment has not been already processed by PAYPAL.


Payment of your orders can be paid via bank transfer, secured payment by credit card or secured payment by Paypal. Checks are not accepted. Any payment delay causes in full right a mandatory 40€ fee for the buyer for any recovery costs.


Under article L121-16 of the French Consumer Code, the buyer has a period of fourteenth days as from the date of their order to return the products to Atelier Perceval for exchange or reimbursement, with no penalty other than shipping fees. The returned products must not have been used or damaged in any way, and must be sent in their original packaging, in a good condition to allow resale. The return of products without any notification or the refusal of shipping is not sufficient to be a retraction reason.


Products are shipped to the address given by the buyer within 8 days after processing the purchase, unless there is a necessary manufacturing delay, which will be announced to the buyer via email or phone. These delays are just an estimation of the delivery time. Under no circumstances Atelier Perceval may be held liable for damage to the products in the event of late collection from the carrier or a failure to collect the products.


  1. The products manufactured by Atelier Perceval are compliant to the current French law. Its liability may not be invoked in the event of a failure to comply with the legislation of the country in which the products is delivered. The buyer is responsible for checking with the local authorities the options for importing or using the products they wish to order. The photographs and texts illustrating the products on the website are not contractual unless specified. Consequently Atelier Perceval may not be held liable in the event of an error for one of these photographs or texts.
  2. Atelier Perceval may not be held liable for a failure to execute the concluded contract in the event of the following: stock out or product unavailability, force majeure, disturbance or full or partial strike action, in particular, affecting the postal services and means of transport and/or communications, floods and fire. Atelier Perceval may not be held liable for any indirect damage resulting from these General Terms and Conditions, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damages or costs.


Damaged packages must be refused at the time of delivery. Reserves on packages must be expressed on delivery in the event of a delivery that is not compliant to order quantities or when the package containing the products has been seriously damaged. Deliveries that are not compliant to the order must be notified within 8 days after reception.


In addition to the legal guarantee against hidden defects, Atelier Perceval also provides a 2 years guarantee that covers all knives.

  1. In case of default part the buyer can choose either to repair the product or to replace the piece without paying anything within 2 years after receiving the products.
  2. The seller guaranties all products delivered if they are installed, used and cared in normal condition usages and according to our care instructions on our website. The seller will change and repair the faulty piece at the workshop or any convenient place of its choice. The shipping fees will be charged to the buyer. Any faulty pieces will be analyzed by the seller and will be taken into guarantee only if they have been used in a normal way.

 Are excluded from the guarantee:

  • Products which have been dismantled,
  • Damages caused by oxidation.


L'Atelier Perceval can amend, or more generally, update these General Terms and Conditions at any time and with no prior notice. Consequently we ask the buyer to consult them on a regular basis.

Discover Perceval cutlery workshop

Atelier Perceval
20 avenue des États-Unis
TEL. +33 4 73 80 19 19

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Monday to Thursday: 9:30am - 00:30pm / 1:30pm - 3:30pm

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