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With colors that never fail to amaze and a reliability that equals the elephant ivory, mammoth ivory is a high quality material in the fine cutlery industry.
Like a jewel of the deep sea or a treasure bedded in ice, this ageless knife will follow you day after day. Time becomes irrelevant.

The forge technique used on Series L Damascus steel reveals concentric circles that resemble rosebuds. This is what gave this design its name.

Not dishwasher proof. 
Our knives are guaranteed for life.

Supplied with a hand-sewn exotic leather sheath.

Folding knife with liner-lock, screw-mounted. 
Straightening, assembly, guillochage (French filework engraving technic) shaping, polishing, finishing and sharpening are all handcrafted in our Thiers workshop.

Dimensions: 205 mm x 21 mm x 10 mm
Assembled with beryllium copper washers.

Lenght : 95 mm
Width : 20 mm
Thickness : 2,45 mm
Steel stainless Damascus twisted type (powder metallurgy)
Atmospheric quenching
Hardness Rockwell : 56 HRC
Slow grinding and traditional polishing with emery-covered buffalo leather.

Handle: Mammoth ivory
Assembled with pan head screws (stainless steel).


Supplied with a hand-sewn exotic leather sheath.

Prestige "L" folding knife range

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