Series L Damascus blade

The L Series knives remind the rounded and voluptuous forms of 1950s automobiles. This timeless Piedmont shepherd's tool now has all the appeal of a city object while preserving its authenticity. The models, L-08 and L-10, have similar shapes but different opening systems (with or without magnifying glass).

The damask blade or the choice of elegance for its pocket knife

The L damascus folding knife from Perceval is an elegant pocket knife with a retro design and a damascus steel blade. This damask pocket knife has an image that is both luxurious and stylish. Very pleasant to the eye, this pocket knife offers bewitching patterns, a real invitation to travel. A damask blade also ensures perfect cutting edge and maximum durability. Sublimated by this damask alloy folding knife L08 or L10 is made of natural or carbon materials.