Folding knife

Folding knives are also called clasp knife.
In the past, the folding knife was the indispensable tool of shepherds, farmers or hand-workers. Now the Perceval folding knife accommodates to the modern man with original design, good ergonomics and nice materials. The range of Perceval folding knives is composed of knives for all pocket sizes, all aspirations and all actual expectations.
A folding knife for every generation.

Choose a top-of-the-range pocket folding knife

Are you looking for an original, timeless and durable pocket knife? A true life companion, the Perceval folding knife is a top-of-the-range French pocket knife, 100% manufactured in Thiers and guaranteed for life. Perceval pocket knives are exceptional pieces manufactured with the greatest care by our knife makers.

Our ranges of folding knives

From small pocket knives to collectible knives, the various ranges of Perceval folding pocket knives offer a wide range of models, designs and materials. From the Le Français model to the Le Grand model, via the L series or the T45, the Perceval pocket knife meets the expectations of lovers of beautiful pieces. With nearly 200 references of folding knives, Perceval pocket knives can be made of natural materials, organic materials or more original materials such as krion or G10.