Perceval table knives are more than accessories around a plate. The table knife is above all a knive with a irreproachable sharp. It respects the cooker work and the dish with a perfect slice.
Perceval offers various table knives with simple, modern, refine and graceful design.

The appetite comes with cuting !

Which table knife to choose?

Are you looking for a table knife that has both a perfect cutting edge and a great look for your table? Our table knife also called steak knife will satisfy the most demanding gourmands. Like our Thiers table knives, it embodies the excellence of French cutlery. Also, all our table knives are made in France in his own workshop in Thiers.


Different models available in a wide range of materials

Our table cutlery is available in different models. From our flagship model 9 47 to Adret, 888 or table office, the Perceval table knife offers different designs. The diversity of natural or polyacetal materials available for the manufacture of these knives also offers our customers a wide and relevant choice.