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Jade lavande ou jadéite lavande

Jade lavande ou jadéite lavande

The "lavender jade" or "jadeite lavender".

"Jade" comes from spanish language "ijada" which means "kidney". This precious stone was considered to be able to treat kidney problems by South America inhabitants during the pre-Columbian period. For them, its value was higher than gold. Chinese people also honoured the "jade" for 5000 years.

The "jadeite" is one of the two type of jade. This is the rarest stone and it belongs to the pyroxene family. This is a hard sodium and aluminium silicate whichi is forming within the metamorphic rocks. It results from deep buryings when a tectonic plate is sinking under another. Its colors may be white (pure jadeite), green (iron or chromium impurities for emerald green of the imperial jade), lavender (manganese and iron impurities) and lots of other colours and shades of red, orange, yellow, brown and black. This jadeite comes from Myanmar (old Burma)

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