Le Français Vintage

Carbon fiber

Grandfather style pocket knife with a nice retro style.

This extremely strong material consists of carbon atoms aligned in microscopic fibres (5 to 15 micrometres in diameter). Several thousand carbon fibres are wound together to form a yarn, which can be used as is or woven and amalgamated with epoxy resin. This assembly is characterised by its high tensile and compressive strength despite its low density.

Perceval revives one of these old pocket knife models with the "French Vintage" edition. Its style is reminiscent of our grandfathers' pocket knives, the indispensable object that was always at the bottom of the pocket. This is a two-piece folding knife with a corkscrew, a 19c27 blade and a flat lock system. It seduces by its charm and its retro design!

    • Lame
      material(s) :
      Stainless steel
    • Manche
      Material :
      Carbon fiber

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