Legal Statements

1- Design and hosting of the website

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2- Website owner and publisher

This website is published by Atelier Perceval, a French société à responsabilité limitée (limited liability company) with a capital of Euros 281 190 - Head Office at 20, av. des Etats-Unis 63300 Thiers, listed in the Thiers Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under number 408 463 990.

VAT identification number: FR03 408 463 990             Tel.: +33 (0)4 73 80 19 19

Managing Editor: Mr Yves Charles, general manager.

Third-party liability: The company has taken out third-party liability insurance with: Allianz 

  • Address: 11 rue Terrasse, 63302 Thiers 
  • Amount covered: 2 500 000 euros

3- Content and intellectual ownership

The website is the property of SARL Atelier Perceval or is legally operated by the latter.

Atelier Perceval has unrestricted ownership over or regular use of all the rights pertaining to the Website (including but not limited to intellectual property rights over texts, literary and artistic works, graphic – including photographs – and audiovisual works, IT developments, HTLM developments and other intellectual works and, generally speaking, all works likely to be protected by intellectual property rights such as pictures, logos, formats, graphics charter, structure, ergonomics, colour codes, typefaces, polices, basic graphic elements, graphic organization of web pages, page layout, page backgrounds, the Website’s visual identity, sound components or trademarks) and to the overall concept of Atelier Perceval’s business activity and its original and innovative nature.

Similarly, Products sold on the website are or may be protected by intellectual property rights (literary and artistic property, drawings, models or trademarks). Irrespective of the media involved, these intellectual property rights are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of the SARL Atelier Perceval or are regularly used by the latter. The web user and/or customer acknowledges that they hold no intellectual property rights or licence on the products and agrees not to copy, represent or commercialise them in any way.

In accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, any full or partial imitation or replica of the above-mentioned rights, on whatever media, is strictly prohibited. Any reproduction or use of website content may be prosecuted.

4– Personal data

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5- Website operation

Web users are solely responsible both for the equipment (computer, smartphones, tablets, software, telecommunications means, etc.) used to access the website, and for paying the resulting telecommunication costs.

Web users acknowledge and accept that no-one can guarantee the correct operation of the Internet as a whole.

Web users shall not be entitled to claim any compensation in cases where the website malfunctions or becomes unavailable due either to technical issues, or because the website is listed under the category “bladed weapons”, or because our website has been blocked by the automatic settings of the Customer’s browser or due to any other type of problem.

6- Links

Atelier Perceval proposes hypertext links from its website to other third-party websites. Under no circumstances shall the links to such websites be construed as an approval or a partnership; as such, Atelier Perceval may not be held liable for the content, products, advertising or any other items or services presented on said websites. Please note that said websites are subject to their own terms of use and privacy policies.

7- Applicable law

This website is governed by French law.