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The shaping of exceptional materials is a genuine trade mark of L'atelier Perceval. We have chosen to allow natural materials to be expressed to their greatest advantage by leaving a large surface area visible; this is why the handle is hewn completely out of a solid block. A diamond that is now within everyone's reach, and that attracts people's attention due to its everlasting shine and elegant shapes.



The "classics" include precious woods from the Tropics or other temperate regions. These include ebonies (from Gabon, Macassar and Mozambique), that display a variety of colors and wood grains. Exotic woods include Arizona ironwood burl, one of the brand's flagship materials (heavy, dense, thousands of years old), Snake wood, made of deep yellow fibers and marbled with darker spots that are reminiscent of snake scales.



We work with mineral/ferrous materials (Seymchan and Muonionalusta meteorites) "solid handle", which represents a first for jade and Verde Orezza (Corsican green stone), which both symbolize purity. 



L'atelier Perceval proposes zebu horn, brown or blond ram's horn, etc. Sensitive materials, such as tortoiseshell or elephant ivory, are subject to stringent legislation. Therefore, when you purchase our knives you can be assured that you are buying ivory or tortoiseshell that is certified to come from pre-convention stocks. Perceval is authorized to possess and process these materials under CITES documents.  



The polyacetal used to make our handles is a solid, rigid material that can withstand serious wear and tear. 

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