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Muonionalusta meteorite

Muonionalusta meteorite

The meteorite fragments that we use, Siderite and Pallasite, come from two deposits: Muonionalusta and Seymchan. At Perceval we prefer to let natural materials express themselves fully; this is why we have chosen to use solid meteorite along the whole handle length.

The Seymchan meteorite was discovered in 1967 in Magadan Oblast (Russia). It is a metal meteorite and belongs to the Pallasites class. It is mainly composed of iron and nickel.
This variety of meteorite stands out due to its strong character and the dendritic shapes of its crystals.
Genuine meteorite that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Muonionalusta meteorite was discovered in 1906 in Kiruna (Sweden), close to the polar circle.
This is a metal meteorite belonging to the class of octahedral siderites. It is mainly composed of iron and nickel. It can be recognized by the fine nature of its crystals and the geometric shape of its strips, a characteristic specific to ferrous meteorites. These structures (known as Wiedmanstätten Figures) are revealed each time that the steel is heated to high temperatures in acid.
Genuine meteorite that comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Finding meteorites can be a very challenging process, which is why we have several suppliers.

Thomas and Micaela Davidsson, the adventurers of the North:
Weather permitting, this Swedish couple spend 6 months of each year searching for this stellar diamond in the farthest reaches of Lapland. Equipment is always a vital part of any such expedition: this is why our meteorite hunters always carry a GPS, camera, metal detectors and, above all, an infinite supply of patience!

The primary metal detector is used to identify a search area.


The secondary metal detector is used to refine the boundaries of this search area.

la recherche 

Once the area has been accurately located and marked out, the hunters can start to dig.

la recherche

Searches are carried out patiently and  methodically.


After several hours of excavation, the stellar diamond is finally revealed!

Once it has been shaped and polished, the meteorite will dress our knife handles with its vivid lustre.

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