L'Office de table

Baltic blue krion

New table knife from Perceval

Baltic Blue Krion is a strong material, highly resistant to impact and shock. Similar to natural stone, it is composed of two thirds natural minerals and a small percentage of high-strength resin. This composition gives it exclusive characteristics: no pores, antibacterial properties without any type of additive, hardness, strength and durability, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

The Office de Table, a true oxymoron, requires a professional tool that is elegant enough to be placed on a gastronomic table. Its conical handle gives it a good grip. Its silhouette of a civilised tool is underlined by the traditional assembly of its three hammered nails.

    • Lame
      material(s) :
      Stainless steel
    • Manche
      Material :
      Baltic blue krion

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