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The Dagger - Macassar Ebony handle

Special Price: 1 100.00 € Regular Price: 1 330.00 €

The most contrasted and most precious ebony. It is sleek and polished black and chocolate.

This well-balanced and ergonomic dagger is mainly used for game. It has a German silver hilt and base for greater strength.
The carrying of this dagger is subject to legislation covering 6th category arms. 

Tang-mounted knife. Straightening, polishing, assembly, shaping, finishing and sharpening are all handcrafted, in our workshop in Thiers. 

Assembly: full tang, two-component.

Not dishwasher proof. 
Our knives are guaranteed for life.
Non-contractual photo, every knife is unique.

Dimensions: 350 mm x 80 mm x 32 mm

(Dimensions may vary slightly due to the freehand manufacture of the blades)

Blade length: 200 mm
Width: 32 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Steel 12C27 (Sandvik)
Cryogenic treatment
Rockwell hardness: 57 HRC
Freehand double-edged grind. 

Macassar Ebony
Supplied with a made-to-measure leather sheath, provided with a belt attachment.

This well-balanced and ergonomic dagger is mainly used with game.

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