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Inspired by the XIXth century’s knives, the sommelier designed by l’Atelier Perceval, with its sleek and pure lines, innovates with its pinched worm, and an helical bit.

The materials used for the handle have been selected for their naturally long lifetime and the high-end steel chosen for the blade ensures an extremly sharp edge.

The 6 ellipsis custom-made bit helps the insertion into the cork.


No dishwasher and washing-machine proof


 Dimensions : 128mm x24mm x16mm

6 ellipsis helical bit : 45 mm

Single level worm

Rockwell hardness : blade 61 HRC, helical bit 57 HRC, worm 55HRC

Assembled with hammer nails

Handle : Gabon ebony


Gabon ebony, precious wood from Central Africa, is well-known for its dense and deep black. The sobriety of this precious wood confers it both a silent strength and finesse of a piano key.

Last product from Atelier Perceval, the sommelier is available in 10 different handles: 

Gabon ebony, pistachio, oak wine barrel, serpent wood, white ebony, snakewood...


Each knife undergoes a rigorous, individual inspection.

No defective knives ever leave our workshop.

This ensures that you will never receive a damaged knife unless there has been an incident during its transportation. If you observe that the package is damaged, issue any reservations to the carrier or refuse receipt of the package.

Should you find that, despite everything, the knife you have received is not to your liking, we undertake to reimburse you in full (excluding return carriage costs, for which you will be charged).

All our knives come with a lifetime guarantee against any abnormal breakage.


Because we design our knives with top-quality materials and we assemble them using tried and tested techniques. Our knives are unbreakable under normal conditions of use.

Naturally, this guarantee does not cover knives being dropped, or blades breaking due to leverage, or handles breaking following an impact.

The guarantee also excludes appearance defects relating to normal use.

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