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A knife : The 9.47

A knife : The 9.47

Do you know where the name "9.47" originally comes from?

This is a story about both food and wine.

In late 2004, a few friends were enjoying a meal prepared by Yves Charles in his restaurant and were just about to tuck into an excellent duck magret. Some of them had taken out their own knives, "Français" knives made by Perceval, while the others used those laid out on the tables. It was immediately apparent that while the pocket-knives sliced through the meat with ease, the restaurant knives made the work far more painstaking and laborious. 

Yves exclaimed: "How come we can't find any table knives on the market that match the cutting power of these "Français" knives?"

This question spawned the idea of focusing on a knife's original function: its cutting power. A table knife should be designed with just as much care as a pocket-knife.

After many rewarding discussions on this project over the course of the evening, we decided that this knife would have the same profile as the model that had inspired it. We have to admit that a fair amount of this creative energy was generated by the wine shared between the friends during their meal. An early-to-market (primeur) wine with a 9.47° alcohol content, produced by one of the guests: Stéphane Majeune from the Peyra. A wine that would ultimately give the knife its name: the 9.47.

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