A knife

The 9.47

The 9.47 is not only a table knife, but also a wine knife. This atypical table knife was imagined by the restaurant owner Yves Charles.

At the end of 2004, during a meal with friends prepared by Yves Charles in his restaurant, the guests were preparing to taste an excellent duck breast. Some of them had taken out their own knives, "French" knives from Perceval, while the others were using the knives laid out on the table. It was then noticed that the meat was perfectly cut by the pocket knives, while it rolled laboriously under the restaurant's cutlery.

Yves exclaimed: "How come you can't find a table knife on the market that cuts as well as these French ones? "

The idea was born to return to the source of a knife's function: its cutting power. A table knife should be designed with as much care as a pocket knife. After some discussion of the project during the evening, it was concluded that this knife would share the same silhouette as the model that had inspired it, and it was admitted that much of this creative energy had been mischievously inspired by the wine that the friends had shared during the meal. A primeur wine with an alcohol content of 9.47°, made by one of the guests: Stéphane Majeune from the Domaine de Peyra. A wine that would give its name to the knife: the 9.47.