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Verde Orezza

Verde Orezza

Created 50 million years ago deep beneath the Earth's crust, Verde Orezza, also known as "Corsican greenstone", is a semi-precious stone unique in the world. The only known deposit lies in the Haute Corse regional nature park.
This dark, dense gemstone belongs to the Gabbros family; it is a heavy igneous rock with a grainy structure composed of smaragdite crystals (a rare emerald green colored mineral variety) and other rarely found inorganic varieties like Lawsonite, Titanite and Pumpellyite, which vary from grey-blue to ash grey in color.
This remarkable stone was a favorite of the Romans and was also sought after by Renaissance artists. The most prestigious works using Verde Orezza date back to 17th century Italy, mainly concerning a mausoleum commissioned by Prince Giovanni de Medici that perfectly epitomized his family's power and wealth. This gemstone, referred to as the "stone of the Medicis", was used extensively in the interior decoration of the tomb, the walls and floors of which were lined throughout with richly carved semi-precious stones.

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